Monday, August 29, 2016

Bhakti Festival in Joshua Tree, California

The Yoga and Music Experience of a Lifetime.

September 7-12, 2016 – Joshua Tree, CA

Help maintain flow and function and co-create a beautiful festival with us. Make a space where thousands of people can play, practice, heal, and discover union.

We have two different Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Seva means 'Service'. Seva Work Exchange volunteers give four 3-6 hour shifts of service either before, during or after the festival.
  •  Maha Seva means 'Great Service', and is intended for people with previous Seva experience who want to participate more. As a Maha Seva, you will serve the community for most of the event, and you will be fed vegetarian meals

You get a full festival and camping ticket, which costs $450... just for volunteering.  There are many other perks included in each of these two opportunities.  Check the link out and see which best fits for you.  Join us at one of the most inspirational yoga & music festivals around!  

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Northern Nights Music Festival 2016

The eight person team we sent onsite to the Northern Nights Music Festival ushered in a new level of volunteer support this past week.  From early arrivals, to internet access, to last minute schedule changes, we worked side-by-side with Ric and Mason, the Northern Nights Volunteer Coordinators, to make sure the "Co-Creator" team was on point.  And we were.

The first of our team arrived late on Monday evening to help with placement and logistics.  After a 10 hour drive we were exhausted, but excited.  We set up our tent camp in the dark, and set-up a temporary office on the side of the minivan.   Luckily we found one of the producers and got access to the internet.  We prepped for the next day.  It was about 4 in the morning when we finally slept.

Early the next morning we scouted the perimeter of the grounds.  The Eel River curved around the festival to create a beautiful border for the event. It was hard to imagine where everything was, almost nothing was in place.  The Redwood Grove was easy to find though, and our field office location was located on the edge of it, facing the Main Stage in the distance.  With the shade provided and the forest atmosphere we were in awe.  It was calming.  A better field office could not be found.

Wednesday and Thursday were filled with set-up tasks.  We helped in any way we could.  Production volunteers were checked in.  Arrivals and deliveries were directed to their team leads.  The energy was building as we approached opening night.  Everywhere we went crews were hard at work.  By Thursday night most of the Co-Creators were on-site for the all hands meeting at the Grove Stage.  Northern Nights was about to begin!

The rest of our team arrived early Friday morning, about 1:30am.  We met Ally, Brittany and Audra at the gate and ushered them to the campsite.  Cat arrived, well, like a cat, and we saw her Friday morning.  Now we were prepared for anything!

Friday was when the real magic happened.  Our Co-Creator team, 170 strong, held things together as 6000+ festival attendees made their way into the three day event.  It is amazing how we all came together and flowed with the needs of the moment while still maintaining organization.  None of us had worked together before, but we all brought mad skills to the table.  Even the times when the internet went down, or when someone missed a shift, we covered and held it together with no blame or judgement.  We were constantly uplifting in the moment!

It's hard to use the word work when describing this type of volunteerism.  The term Northern Nights uses is Co-Creators, and that fits better for what we accomplished.  We supported.  We built.  We painted.  We danced.  We laughed, cried and connected.

We took out the trash and, even then, we enjoyed the moment.

What else?  Some of us swam in the river.  Some of us napped in the grove.  Some stumbled around playing accordian and singing songs until dawn.  At every level we took care of each other.  And that's what co-creating is all about!

Thank you all for a great Northern Nights experience!

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