Refunds and Deposit Dispute Resolution

The Sparks.Network accepts payments and deposits from you, the volunteer, on behalf of the organizers of our Epic Opportunities.  This page explains our policy for refunding those payments and deposits.

Payment Components

When you confirm your commitment to an Epic Opportunity, you will make a payment as part of your confirmation.  There can be three different parts of any transaction you make on the Sparks.Network:

Nonrefundable Payment

As indicated by the name, this component of your transaction is non-refundable.  Even if you cancel your commitment immediately, this component will not be refunded. This component is also non-transferrable, and cannot be applied to any other volunteer profile in the event that you should cancel.

Sparks Contribution

Your Sparks Contribution helps keeps the Sparks.Network alive and allows grassroots organizers everywhere to use the platform without fees.  It is non-refundable.

Accountability Amount

The Accountability Amount is the amount you agree to pay if you do not fulfill your volunteer commitment. This amount is not charged at the time you confirm your volunteer position.


If a project or opportunity is cancelled before your commitments are able to be fulfilled, then all components of your transaction will be refunded: the "nonrefundable" payment, the refundable deposit, and the sparks contribution.  This can happen if:
  • An opportunity is cancelled (for any reason) before you can work your shifts.
  • Your selected shifts are changed by the organizer, and you choose to cancel your participation.

Refund Schedule

When any component of a transaction is qualified to be refunded, it will be processed and returned within seven days.

Deposit Dispute Resolution

If you miss shifts or otherwise fail to fulfill your commitments, your deposit will be transferred to the organizer of the project.  Before that happens, you will have an opportunity to correct any potential errors:

  • When an opportunity is closed, if the Sparks.Network has not recorded that you fulfilled your commitments, both you and the project organizer will be notified by email.
  • The project owner may choose to mark your commitment fulfilled if they are confident that it was.  You are notified if they do, and your deposit is refunded.
  • Within two weeks, you may submit a dispute with the Sparks.Network, giving your explanation of why the records do not show that your commitment was fulfilled.
  • If you submit a dispute, the Sparks.Network will mediate communication between you and the project owner and find for one of the two parties.


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